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Thursday, August 9th, 2012

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Being the largest social media network, Facebook is a great place to generate new subscribers to your email newsletter. Here I present a quick email subscription widget installation guide for Facebook Pages.

I assume that you already have a Facebook Page. If not, you can click here to create one.

1. You need to install the Facebook App called Static HTML: iFrame Tab. On the application homepage, click on the “Add Static HTML to page” button.

Static HTML


2. Once the application is successfully installed, click on the “Welcome” link in your Facebook page.

Facebook Welcome page

3. Log into Campaign Manager, open the list you’d like Facebook subscribers to be added to, click on Manage Forms and then on Grab HTML code under the Facebook Sign Up Form

Grab HTML code


4. Copy and paste the code into the Enter your content here box.

Enter code

4. You can modify the description included with your Facebook form by changing the content within the <p> tags (Add your content here). This lets you include any text you would like to use.

Let us know if these instructions were helpful to you.



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