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Friday, October 12th, 2012

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October 11, 2012

Everybody is aware of Facebook. This, most popular social media site, has been been attracting more and more users every year, and currently over one billion of people worldwide are actively using it! Of course, most of these users come from the United States. But how does Canada compare to its southern neighbour? And what Canadian celebrities and brands are most popular on Facebook? Read on to find out…

There are over 18.5 mln people* in Canada who use Facebook, accounting for almost 55% of the entire Canadian population. And the numbers are constantly growing. Over the past 3 months Facebook gained almost 900,000 new Canadian users.

Proportion of population using Facebook

Proportion of population using Facebook

How does this compare to Facebook’s home country, the United States? Well, adjusting for population, Canada has a higher penetration of Facebook users than the US, though not by much. US, whose 54.10% of people use Facebook, is less popular by not even 1% compared to Canada’s 54.9%. That said, however, almost 168 mln individuals use Facebook in the US, compared to Canada’s 18 mln. And the numbers for both countries are constantly increasing, Canada experiencing a 5.1% growth while the US a 7.8% increase in Facebook users.

Number of Facebook users per country

Number of Facebook users per country

So what do Canadians dig? Which Canadian fan pages are liked the most? The number one fan page in Canada is, surprise surprise, the official Facebook page of Justin Bieber, with almost 47 mln fans. Drake comes in far behind in 2nd place, with 26.5 mln likes. The third place belongs to the official page of the Walking Dead show, with over 10.6 mln fans. And I must also mention Celine Dion, who still intrigues fans enough to receive over 8.3 mln likes.

How does this compare to the most popular stars and TV shows on Facebook worldwide? Well, Rihanna gets a gold medal for attracting over 61.7 mln likes, but is closely followed by Eminem who has 61.3 mln Facebook fans. And the Simpsons place at number 3 with 55.1 mln likes.

Overall, the most popular Facebook page in Canada – owned by Mr. Bieber (well, technically Facebook owns it) – is only 16th on the world’s stage.

So what’s the most popular Facebook page as of now? An app called Facebook for Every Phone received over…146 mln likes. Over twice as much as Rihanna! And over four times the entire population of Canada! The second most popular Facebook site worldwide…well, simply enough, one called Facebook, with 77 mln likes.

What about brands? How well do Canadian brands do on Facebook? As could be expected, brands tend to have many less fans than celebrities, with the most popular brand having just a little over 2 mln fans – and that brand is Spencer’s. Pantene North America comes in the second place, and Irish Spring in third, both with just over 1 mln likes.

Here`s the last statistic that, as Canadians, we should really feel passionate about: the most popular hockey team on Facebook. Well, to the greatest disappointment of our fellow Toronto dwellers, the number one place goes to Canadiens de Montréal who attracted over 990,000 likes. Vancouver Canucks are number two with 786,000 likes, and the mighty Toronto Leafs come in third with not even 630,000 fans. Keeping in mind our respective populations, the Leafs marketing department could do much better…

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*It is assumed that each Facebook account represents one individual.
** All of the above stats have been sourced from SocialBakers.com.

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