Lesson 6: Segmenting Lists


Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

:: Best Practices

Creating segments helps ensure your messages are relevant and valuabe to your subscribers.

Segmentation can be accomplished by creating groups that are relevant to your marketing goals. Segments or groups can be based on: preferences, interests, location, company, industry, and any custom fields you choose to input in your subscriber list.

The better you get to know your subscribers through their online activity and behaviours, the more relevant information you will be able to offer – not only will this help you to become a successful email marketer, but you will develop stronger relationships with your subscribers.

We also recommend incorporating links into your campaigns, encouraging your subscribers to click-through and to increase engagement.

Campaign Manager will collect data on all link activity and report which links were clicks most often, and by whom. This aids in segmenting your subscribers based on which links they clicked on, allowing you to send follow-up emails such as special promotions or futher information about the link that was clicked.

Here is a full list of the Crash Course lessons available to turn you into a Campaign Manager expert!

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