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Friday, August 1st, 2014

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“Is it okay to change my from address?” is a question we receive from time to time. We are more than happy to answer it because the truth is…there is many out there that never ask. Most of them go ahead and change it without even considering consequences, so I hope this post reaches some of those people.

The direct answer to this question is a YES, but there are actions you need to do a certain way in order to avoid problems.

In the ever diverse and lively land of Email Delivery, your From address should be thought of as your identity. It is similar to your telephone number or personal email address. If you changed either of these you would probably tell your friends and family about it because that is an important change, right? Well same goes with email marketing and here’s why…

When individuals receive your emails, they will often add your From address to their Contact or “Safe list” (whether knowing or not). Even if they click “enable images for this sender” it can give future emails you send them preferential treatment. Most ISPs will then WHITELIST emails you send that person (from that address) from that point forward, unless the sender tells them otherwise.There are few things to consider:

  • It will prevent future emails getting sent to the junk folder
  • It will enable images and links by default and help improve your reputation
  • Adding your From address to their Address book will give you positive results

Once you change your from address, those perks will all disappear. Changing the prefix to the domain is not as bad as changing the actual domain, but any change you make does have a negative impact on your deliverability. That doesn’t mean you should should be stuck with the same From address forever, but you should expect a slight drop in delivery if you do consider making the change (especially if you break the SPF/DKIM authentication).

    To Ensure you minimize that drop, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Tell Everybody and keep your recipients informed before you conduct this change. Send them an email warning a few weeks in advance announcing the change and encouraging them to add your new From address to their Contact list as soon as possible (preferably before you send the first email).
  2. Insert Warnings to the top of all your campaigns leading up to and even beyond the day you change over to the new address. You want to make sure as many people are aware about this, remind them consistently so it will trigger recognition when the new email address arrives in their inbox.
  3. Keep the same URL that they initially went to sign up. For example if they signed up at your e-mail should be “” or “” or if it is sent from different departments with the same company: ‘’, ‘’, etc…

For more information, please visit General Rules on Domains & Email Authentication

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The Upaknee Team

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