Photos vs. Text: How to Keep a Balance in Your Campaign


Friday, August 15th, 2014

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Images are ubiquitous in newsletters today. Moreover, a lot of emails in this day in age seems to feature one large image, to the detriment of text and words.

However, using only one BIG image with little or no words is a spammer favourite – so this might increase your chance of being flagged as a spam email or sent to the junk folder to your contacts.

Plus, using only one image can cause extra problems, such as inaccurate information in regards to your open and click rates (if your images do not appear).

Though its extremely tempting to just create a campaign with one captivating image and nothing else, sometimes it does not work as you wanted due to:

  • images unable to load
  • the link of the image could be incorrect
  • the image could get deleted

The biggest thing for everyone to realize is that using just one big image for your campaign, what you see isn’t always what your contacts will really get.

Consider theses steps when working with images and text in a Campaign:

The gist of your message should be understood with images, so try to use mostly text
We recommend 70/30 ratio in your campaign

Make sure your images are 600px at most

If you want numerous photos, use numerous photos as a separator throughout the email
Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 1.46.15 PM

Utilize the alternate text in case a situation appears where the images don’t appear for your contacts

And lastly, use text links or HTML buttons to provide support

For more reading materials regarding this topic, please visit Insert an Image & Insert Links.

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