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Friday, August 29th, 2014

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You are reviewing your recently delivered campaigns and you notice that campaigns are making it into the inbox and the open rates are consistent…but the click rates are lower than it should be.

Does that sound familiar to you?

When your subscriber opens your campaign, you will need to keep one item in mind at all times:

Benefit your Subscribers!

Though it is priority to send out campaigns, it is also necessary to demonstrate a great experience for your readers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help boost those click rates in your campaign:

Too Much VS. Too Little

You want to make sure that you are in the middle when delivering information – to little makes it less enticing to look through and too much makes it overwhelming for a reader. Moreover, they both give hints of spam – reducing the chances of clicking links. Recommendation: If this is your first campaign, use one to two topics in a campaign, you can test longer emails gradually.


While keeping your campaign simple and straight to the point, it is also important to test various looks and template settings. This will give you an opportunity to give your subscribers variety of campaigns, but also to review what the right look is for your campaigns. Recommendation: Create two or three templates with different looks and through the months, see which template reveals the most positive impact within your click rates.

Relevance & Reinforcement

You need to be clear on what the subscribers are about to receive, so creating an inviting subject line is just one of way of enticing your readers.You need to ensure that the content remains relevant to the subject line, consistently reiterating the main points of the campaign. Recommendation: If you have different topics being sent out on the regular, smartly segment your contact list – target specific groups within the contact list with relevant content. This ensures the right topics are directed to the right subscribers.

Make Links Visible

If you have multiple links throughout the campaign, it is important to make them visible and appealing to for the reader. There are various ways of raising interaction rates – between written text or images, such as a call-to-action button. Recommendation: Insert alternate text in your call-to-action buttons in case images are unable to load on certain operating systems.

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