Building Your Contact List: Checklist


Friday, September 19th, 2014

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First impressions are everything and the emails you send rely on making a statement about yourself and the company you are representing. So the question is, what’s the impression you would like to make to your newly subscribers?

At Upaknee, we offer an option to automatically send two emails out to your new contacts when they use a signup form on your website to become part of your mailing list, also known as the “Double Opt-In” process:

    (1) The First email asks people to click on a button in order to confirm they want to get your email.
    (2) The Second serves as an email that welcomes them aboard

To ensure that you make the best impression, we at Upaknee have provided a checklist to review when creating these emails. With this checklist, it will assist you on adding the necessary content that will capture and fulfill your readers subscription.

The First Email: Confirm Subscribers Interest

    You MUST have a [CONFIRM_LINK] tag. It creates a unique link that your contact must click before you send a newsletter

    Re-introduce yourself and location of Sign-Up. Provide the website and the email that they will be receiving emails and ask to add it to their safe-senders or to the contact list.

    Offer a Teaser. Give them a short description (one-two lines) of the content they should expect in your campaigns

    Provide your Physical Address. In order to follow legislation and legitimize your business, adding your physical address is mandatory.

    Reassure them. Remind them that they have ability to unsubscribe any time, that you will never sell or rent out your list and that, if they don’t click confirm they will not be added to the list

    Establish Time. Stick to a deadline – ensure that you send out campaigns as you promised and keep it consistent to what they expect.

    Say “Thank You”. They are offering their valuable real estate within their inbox, so appreciate them signing up and thank them before they click.

The Second Email: Welcome Aboard


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