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Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

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While many people believe that the information of a Sender (email & name) are just a small portion of an entire campaign, the reality is that they make the biggest difference. The choice you make on where this email comes from will impact the success of your entire campaign.

Having people subscribe to your email newsletter is a true gift, a sign that your business and what you stand for is a positive feature in readers everyday lives. Therefore, creating your email as a “” is your response to readers for subscribers, letting them know that you do not want to hear from them. This is a message that is most likely not very appreciated by your readers.

Why “No-Reply” is “No-Good” for your Business:

    1.Your current/potential subscribers will eventually start questioning why this is not an equal relationship – you can send them emails, but they cannot send you any?

    2.How do you know if you are sending the right emails out? You are missing a great opportunity to hear feed back (user comments, inquiries, unsubscribes). This is a great opportunity to improve marketing efforts.

    3.When someone replies to your emails, you’re likely to be automatically added to their contact or “Safe Sender” list at the same time which means all your future emails you send them will go straight to their inbox. Replies should be encouraged!

    4.Lastly, with the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation coming into place, having a valid sender identity is crucial in order to stay in compliance. Therefore, having an email with no valid inbox might increase the changes of being flagged as spam by the recipient.

So to all of you that currently are sending from a “noreply@” domain, please be aware of the impacts and take into consideration what your customers might think of when they receive an email from you. Just think, would you want to be invited to a party where you are not able to talk? Probably not.

For additional information regarding Sender Email please check out our blog post: “From Address: is it okay to change it?”

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